Need big sound from compact speakers? Want Multi functional capability for changing venue requirements? Q-Motion is the flexible choice professionals will love for both mobile and fixed audio installations.

QM700 Passive Two Way Bass Reflex Speaker

The QM700 is a passive two way bass reflex design speaker suitable for mobile or installation use. More

QM450A Powered Multi-purpose Speaker System

As a lightweight timber powered modular speaker system, the QM450A has many design features that will appeal to professional users. More

QM 1000AS flexi-system

One word sums up the QM-1000AS Flexi-System: flexibility. Mobile DJ, small band, bar installation,corporate theatre, audio visual multi media producti... More

QM 108 Ultra-compact Passive Speaker

The QM-108 2-way 8" 2-way ultra compact speaker is designed as a sub satellite partner for the QM1000a Flexi system or as a installation speaker for m... More

QM 10DC  250-w Compact Passive Speaker

The QM-10DC 2-way full range loudspeaker has remarkable vocal presence, clarity and high feedback stability. More

QM 12DC 350-w Compact Passive Speaker

The QM-12DC 2-way full range loudspeaker has all the benefits of the 10DC with the added benefit of more bass and efficiency. More

QM 12FR Compact 2-way System

The QM 12FR 2-way loudspeaker system provides high output, low distortion sound reinforcement for the entire range of pro audio applications. More

QM 12MP 2-way Stage Monitor

QM-12MP Multi purpose monitor is a combination high-output stage monitor/front of house speaker in a compact low-profile enclosure that offers variabl... More

QM 212AS Powered Sub-bass

Quest QM 212AS is a compact, powered, 2 x 12" multi-chamber sub-woofer system. All the advantages the passive QM 212S with the addition of integrated ... More

QM 212S 2 x 12" Passive Sub-bass

QM 212S is a multi chamber band-pass design with the additional hybrid direct radiating pressure chamber loading of its two purpose designed 12" bass ... More

QM 215FR Three-way Multi-purpose Stage System

The passive dual 15-inch plus 1.5" horn quasi three-way multi-purpose 900 watt stage system is designed to be a versatile all-rounder with minimum com... More

QM 350i Multi-Purpose Passive Speaker System

The QM 350i 12" + 1" horn is a multi-purpose passive speaker system designed for professional mobile live sound applications and installations where a... More

QM Series Accessories

Quest Q Motion Series Accessories More

QM-600AS Powered Sub Bass

QM-600AS compact high output self-powered subwoofer is the ideal general purpose bass system for any compact passive or powered portable PA. More

QM1000P Complete Sub/Satellite Amplifier System

A multi-way processed amplifier rack in 2 rack spaces? All this and more. More

QM500 Passive Two Way Bass Reflex Speaker

The QM500 is a passive two way bass reflex design speaker suitable for mobile or installation use. More

QM600S 15" Passive Sub-bass

The QM600S 15" passive sub bass is the ideal partner for the QM1000P sub/satellite amplifier system. More

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