Q-tech series offers a range of speakers & amplifiers for demanding commercial installations where maintenance will be minimal.

Q-Matrix 88 Matrix Switcher

Q-Matrix 88 is a 3 rack unit multizone paging and source selection system that offers unprecedented flexibility for multizone paging and source routin... More

QT ZM66 Zone Paging Mixer/Switcher

QT ZM66 digital 6 zone mixer provides an ideal public address solution for medium to large venues such as schools, function centres, shopping centres,... More

QT ZM66M Paging Station

QT ZM66M 6 zone paging console is able to page individual zones in addition to making "all call" paging announcements. More

QTA 1000 Series Single Channel Power Amplifiers

Public address amplifiers could be said to be the utility end of the audio market, working anonymously day after day in a dusty cupboard or equipment ... More

QTA 2000 Series 2-Channel Power Amplifiers

The QTA 2000 Series Power amplifiers have been designed for two channel or two zone operation. More

QTA 4000 Series 4 Channel Power Amplifiers

The QTA 4000 series range of power amplifiers are designed for four zone applications. More

QTA 4040M Mixer Amplifier

The QTA 4040M has been designed as a tabletop mixer amplifier created specifically for small installations where space is limited and a full sized 19 ... More

QTA ACC1 Mini 2 Channel Power Amplifier

QTA ACC-1 is a high quality compact class D 220 watt highly efficient digital amplifier powered by a 24 volt power supply. More

QTC Ceiling Speaker

100V ceiling speakers that are 100 percent High output, high efficiency and high vocal definition; this trio is the objective and many claim it, bu... More

QTL 1010 Loop Detector

QTL 1010 Loop Detector is 10 Channel Speaker and amplifier monitoring panel to monitor speaker, speaker line and amplifier for open or short circuit. More

QTL EVAC Alert/Evacuation Controller

This controller is designed to automatically generate Emergency warning Tones which comply with QTL EVAC building emergency alert/evacuate requiremen... More

QTM 60P Pre Amplifier

QTM 60P is a highly specified mixer with low signal to noise ratio with lots of inbuilt flexibility. More

QTS T600W Pendant Loud Speaker (360 Degree Dispersion)

The QTS T600W is a pendant speaker with a 70v/100v transformer More

Quest 6000 Series Mixer Amplifiers

Quest has tried to pack as much as possible into a small box to give maximum flexibility. More

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