No Compromise Compact, High-definition Systems.When heavy-duty, high-fidelity audio is required, the HPI Series is at home in any demanding production environment.

HPI 5 Ultra Compact Passive Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker

The HPI-5 is a 5" ultra compact, passive professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker. More

Quest HPI 25 Compact Passive Loudspeaker

To extend the possibilities of the HPI-5, the HPI-25 is a double 5" version of the single 5" system. More

HPI-8i Multi-purpose 2-way Passive Speaker

The HPI 8i is a full frequency range multi-purpose 2-way passive speaker system designed for the live sound touring and permanent installation market. More

Quest HPI 110 Compact High-definition Loudspeaker

There are many quality speaker systems that work perfectly well in a test lab. More

Quest HPI 111 Mid Powered Compact Speaker System

The HPi-111 is a mid powered compact speaker system has a number of key technical innovations to improve performance in real venue environments. More

Quest HPI 12S Ultra Compact Passive Sub-Bass

As an ultra compact passive sub bass for mobile audio or permanent installation, the HPI-12S is hard to beat. More

Quest HPI 212S Passive High Powered Low Profile Sub-Bass

The HPI-212S is a passive high powered 1,000-watt RMS 2 x 12" front-loaded low profile sub-bass enclosure featuring enhanced sub low bass and great ... More

Quest HPI-18LP Compact Sub Bass

The HPI-18LP compact 18" sub bass is a compact sub solution for the permanent installation and live sound touring market where a low profile sub bass ... More

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