Today we have a more discriminating audience and an ever widening range of sonic tasks. The market place for professional audio speaker systems now demands more from a speaker system in terms of performance, reliability and value. The QS series is compact and light weight with exceptional power handling, versatility and sonic quality from a company that knows audio in the real world.

QS 150i Two-way Passive Speaker

If there is one rule for modern audio, it's "all small box systems will be pushed too hard!" If it has to be small and it's going to be driven hard, i... More

QS 250 Two-way Passive Speaker

Light weight audio with a heavy weight sound The QS250 is a good partner for self powered mixers and general live sound where a compact lightweight sy... More

QS 350i Two-way Passive Speaker

Hearing is believing. The stunning sonic performance of theQS350i is enhanced by the fact it has more pro features than most high end brand compact sp... More

QS 500 Two-way Passive Speaker

No sound guy ever got the sack because the vocals were too loud. It's commonly believed that 15" speakers have a hard time reproducing voice. That's w... More

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