HONI HONI is Far Out in the Far East

Honi Honi bar has transported the Polynesian island to Hong Kong Island. Food, drinks, decor and music in any quantity from an owner with years of experience in five star restaurants and private clubs. Honi Honi - named after a Polynesian greeting meaning "kiss kiss" - is a new Hong Kong cocktail lounge with all the trimmings; high ceilings, an outdoor terrace and high detailed décor that reflect its Polynesian roots. A lot of thought went into planning every aspect of this venue and the style reflects the original Tiki lounge at The Fairmont, San Francisco.

Honi Honi bar Hong Kong - Outdoor seating

So when it came to selecting audio equipment that would complement the interior design he sought three different quotations. The biggest mistake is usually when designers bring the audio installers in too late, but that wasn’t the case here, we considered it from the very beginning and made compromises.

There are four Quest Engineering HPI-8i passive speakers installed at Honi Honi, bracket mounted one in each corner of the rectangular space. A further two Quest Engineering HPI-5 cabinets, which are capable of short to medium throw with a mid-high output have been flushed mounted in the ceiling. A single Quest Engineering HPI- 12S compact subwoofer has also been integrated into the building structure - over a doorway - while a second is located behind the DJ position to supplement the system. The result is very good quality playback sound that can host live acts on occasion.

Honi Honi Bar

Honi Honi bar Hong Kong

Honi Honi bar Hong Kong

To power the system there is a combination of Quest QA2004's and QA1004 Amplifiers and a single Xilica XP-3060 fully programmable, digital, audio system Processor.

The system can be switched from daytime music to live performance in the evening. At the moment they have a resident jazz band and DJs on Friday and Saturday nights

As a compact combination of live and DJ this system is hard to beat.

  • 4 x Quest Engineering HPI-8i passive speaker
  • 2 x Quest Engineering HPI-5 loudspeaker
  • 2 x Quest Engineering HPI-12S compact subwoofer
  • 2 x Quest Engineering QA2004 amplifier
  • 1 x Quest Engineering QA1004 amplifier
  • 1 x Xilica XP-3060 audio system processor

Honi Honi bar Hong Kong - Outdoor seating

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