St Peter’s educates minds & bodies with Q-motion series audio

One of The city of Brisbane's oldest and most prestigious schools, St Peter's College recently replaced their old multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue's audio system with a new Quest QM and HPI series full range PA.

Like all spaces of this style, intelligible voice projection is hard at the best of times, much less when it is full of excited spectators and a sports event. Because of the varied program intended for this building, the audio needed to cope with full range music and also have good voice projection.

The QM350i satellite speakers were selected because of their asymmetrical sound projection, which has the effect of focusing the sound to where it is needed, not the walls and ceiling. The net result is a highly articulate sonic landscape well distributed throughout the building. This is accomplished with just four QM 350i speakers and two HPI 212S sub bass. The system is powered by Quest QA series amplifiers.

With a history well over 150 years old St Peter's will be around for a long time to come and so will the Quest PA.

St Peters Gymnaseum and multi purpose hall.

QM350i and HPI212S deliver full range sound.

The asymetrical coverage of the QM350i speakers helps cut reverberation and improves voice clarity. Inset: Quest Amp rack with QA3004 amplifiers.

The sound system covers well all the way through the grandstand mezzinine.

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