Quest fold-back wins at the Ding Dong Lounge

Many of the best things in the City of Melbourne are to be found in small laneways. Ding Dong Lounge, long-time champion of great rock, good music and late nights, sits unassumingly above a German restaurant in Market Lane. Quiet from the outside but loud and proud inside, Ding Dong has hosted the best of national and international indie, punk and rock

Ding Dong Lounge

Ding Dong Lounge The main room spaceThe main room space. Looks completly different when the crowd arrive

The live music line-up features numerous local “A” list acts and also a smattering of internationals, all demanding the highest standard of fold-back on this compact stage. The venue is generally packed to the rafters when a popular act is playing so the sound pressure level can be high. Any fold-back engineer will tell you this is a tough combination of loud stage and reflections from the room bouncing back onto the stage can be a tough test for any fold-back system.

Not just for voice

When it comes to good foldback the choice is black and white

The front row

For this difficult scenario, a fold-back monitor with high vocal definition, high power and maximum feed-back resistance and compact size is required. The Quest QM12MP has a great reputation for these qualities, and this was the type of stage environment the 12MP was designed for. When a decision to the revamp the sound system earlier this year was decided, the Quest QM12MP was the first choice.

Onstage, seven Quest 12MP wedges and a Quest HPI12S sub to augment the drum-fill easily fulfil the requirements.  Powered by three Camco D6 power amps. Extra processing is provided by a Xilica XP-8080 controller for some basic EQ and limiting.

A high tech system

This combination has proved a clear winner without compromise.

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