Walvis Bay Community Church; from moving pictures to Earth moving.

Eleven years ago the Walvis Bay cinema began the transition from Cinema to church. The Walvis Bay church community set about converting the venue to be more suitable to work as a church.  With raked seating and acoustic panels on the walls the venue worked well as a cinema but the stage needed to be extended and set up for live music.  The audio system evolved over this time and recently it was decided that it needed a complete refit to a modern more “concert grade” system capable of meeting the demands of the growing church.

The church wanted an audio solution that would see the church’s needs satisfied for the distant future het be still affordable as well as reliable. Local company Take Note Music, suppliers of music instruments, PA, recording and also radio studio broadcast equipment in conjunction with Jaylo Productions designed and installed a system that would exceed expectations and not the budget.

The Quest Engineering HPI series was selected and a system consisting of 4 x HPI-111 supported with HPI series sub bass speakers was a discrete, compact and very high performance solution.

Amplification is also Quest QA series with 1 x QA3004 driving the 2 inner speakers pointing towards the front middle, another driving the 2 outer speakers for the back and the third one driving the subs in bridge mode mono. Having the HPI-111s on 2 amps has allowed the church to get a good overall volume from front to rear. It is also very neat.
With the service in action and with their lighting in operation, you don’t see speakers.

Performance is impressive and the practical design of the HPI-111 makes it a great functional installation system allowing system placement where it is needed to best optimise the acoustic space.

Walvis Bay Community ChurchWalvis Bay Community Church

First day with the new Quest PAFirst day with the new Quest PA

In action and a great performanceIn action and a great performance

A big sound from a small systemA big sound from a small system

Exceeding all expectationsExceeding all expectations

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