Need a powered foldback monitor? QM450a covers all bases and faces

There are plenty of compact powered fold-back boxes that have the potential to act as powered fold-back monitors. In most cases, that potential does not meet reality.

What’s wrong with them all? Try incorrect rake (they aim at your stomach when on the floor), HF horn dispersion too narrow when horizontal, back panel connectors too exposed and easily damaged, too high a profile on the floor, the list goes on.

The QM450a is a rare breed that can really do the job of a powered monitor or a front of house box without compromise.

Why? The secret is attention to detail in the design. The unique Quest asymmetrical horn flare can rotate to an optimized fold-back position, the back panel is protected by the carry handles and the birch ply casing is scaled and raked to work as a small stage monitor. Designed for A/V rental companies, the QM450a has every general purpose professional rental environment covered and the first thing a sound guy will notice, EQ is minimal to get the QM450a to full power without feedback.

The system also can give great long throw coverage when horizontally mounted thanks to the asymmetrical horn three planes of dispersion.

Add the new series QM600ASi powered sub bass and you have a great little production package without needing a big package of cash.

Sound guy with QM450a Sound guys like the minimum EQ for loud vocals.

Pop star with QM450a Even pop stars like the QM450a.

QM450a as monitors QM450a as monitors

Quest QM450a as foldback Quest QM450a as foldback

Let it rip with the QM450a. Let it rip with the QM450a.

A small band does not mean small stage sound with QM450a A small band does not mean small stage sound with QM450a

QM 450a as front of house QM 450a as front of house. Lots of Go and Throw

QM450a_600AS Drumfill QM450a 600AS Drumfill

Sound check is quick Sound check is quick

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