Magic Mountain opens with magic sound

A very successful nightclub chain in Melbourne Australia has just opened another high end venue in a process that consumed well over two years of renovation and planning. Magic Mountain is Melbourne city’s newest venue showcase and features three levels of the latest in food fashion and music. The décor and quality venue design would have been wasted if the audio/entertainment system was not up to the standard of the rest of the venue.  

The venue chain has installed a number of Quest Engineering audio systems and after a selection process, Quest was again chosen because the high performance and low visual profile suited the venue architecture.

The system is multi zoned and includes a mixture of HPI and MS series products. The areas requiring the highest sound pressure level and largest open spaces are covered by the 10” HPI-111 while the areas requiring a distributed system at nightclub levels the HPI5 was installed. The HPI5 is the most powerful micro speaker on the market and the extremely small size gives the illusion of a large sound system with virtually no visual footprint.

Sub bass throughout the building is the HPI12S. Once again, a small sub with a sound much like a large nightclub system.

The multi floor venue has many alcove areas and these are covered by the AM601 systems. Despite there being three different loudspeakers, the audio signature is very constant throughout the venue. Another Quest benefit.

The reports from the management, DJ’s and patrons is they really like the sound and atmosphere. “You walk in the door and become wrapped up in a big and rich sound” was one comment.   No doubt, when the venue chain looks at opening another nightclub, Quest will be the first in the door.

Ground floor bar One side of the ground floor bar the audio system is sonically present and visually virtually invisible

The bar staff can hear the customersPlenty of SPL yet the bar staff can hear the customers


Ground Floor HPI5 Ground floor HPI5 around the bars can handle high level

More hidden HPI boxes More hidden HPI boxes

HPI 111 and HPI12S The asymmetrical projection Hidden away HPI 111 and HPI12S The asymmetrical projection covers a large area with no dead spots

 The loft bar covered by HPI5 and 12S sub bass. The loft bar covered by HPI5 and 12S sub bass


HPI5 and HPI12S subsHPI5 and HPI12S subs in the loft perform hi fi DJ at high level

 Quest MS 601 speakers Quest MS 601 speakers are also distributed around parts of the building where high SPL is not required

The DJ booth is tucked away and Quest QSA200i booth monitor The DJ booth is tucked away and Quest QSA200i booth monitor

Magic Mountain opening Magic Mountain opens with invisible audio

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