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HPI-111: a report from India with more great audio results

"It gives me immense pleasure to thank Quest and Sun Infonet for providing us with audio equipments that suits exactly to our venue"... Says Ajai Mathew to AVL Marketing, Kochi India. AVL is one of the renowned channel partner of Sun Infonet.

A good looking venue but the usual problem of reflections degrading voice intelligibility

Ajai is a Assistant Professor of Electronics & Communication Engineering at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally (Kanjirappally is known as Door of Highrange), Kerala.

After, installation of HPI 111, QM-212AS, QM10 DC, QA3004 and QA2004, Ajai strongly feels that this setup has overcome all precious hurdles like unintelligible sound from speakers due to the reflections from walls of diamond shaped hall.

Ajai says that HPI 111 gives less chance for undesirable reflections.  Also the throw is pretty good at all sides of the hall due to the arraying of speakers. HPI 111 also prevents feedback problem to a great extend.

About QM 212AS Active Sub placed at Left and Right, Ajai says that this is practically an invisible base. The deep clear punch from this speaker can be felt uniformly throughout the hall without any indication about its location. It's a best option for any indoor halls. Combination of HPI 111 and QM-212AS gives good music quality and full range sound is astonishing.

He is also impressed with the performance of QM 10DC small stage monitors placed at left and right.  As the low frequency components are less and the co-axial format reduces the chance for feedback and gives better speech intelligibility.  It's a best choice for small stages where speech quality is more important.

QA 3004 for driving HPI 111 and QA 2004 for driving stage monitors has impressed Ajai with the convenience of installation and use. Among the features, soft start and self-test feature are good if there is an interruption in power.

A great thanks to AVL and Sun Infonet for another fantastic result.

StageRecessed connectors make for a tidy stage

HPI 111 and QM212ASHPI 111 and QM212AS Full range sound with clear voice

QM10DC monitorsQM10DC monitors Co-axial and clear

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